About Us

OH MY GOD! Are we promoting consumption of Alcohol here?

Unfortunately, that’s the first reaction we receive when we talk about our company, however, we are exactly opposite of this thought process. We want you, people who consume alcohol to do so responsibly and this happens when you are well informed. We wish to guide you to enjoy a drink with right information and acquaintance.

At BoozeBay we want you to party smart while being your assistant and guide on everything with respect to Alcohol.

That’s where we step in – ‘Your encyclopedia of spirits and liquor’. We provide you a lot of gyan and information available on various alcohol & related products, consumption pattern and almost everything on the theme of boozing. Don’t worry we won’t bug you with theoretical information, but will share some awesome tips which will edutain and keep you well informed. This will include info on alcohol & related products like price of alcohol in your city, the alcoholic content of the particular product and all other relevant information related to alcoholic beverages so that you can make an informed decision on what would you want to consume or don’t want to consume. Additionally know details like calories, serving style, temperature, taste and more. We help you make more informed decisions on having a fun time while enjoying your favourite drink.

BoozeBay is also your one stop channel to interact with people who manufacture alcohol. Your interactions, comments, and inputs on BoozeBay will help them understand your requirements and produce or customize products as per your taste and preferences. Our platform helps such companies to directly communicate with you and provide the necessary insights.

What more! Party around and have fun responsibly with your buddy ‘BOOZEBAY!’