Drinking at work? Here are 10 actors who did just that.

Even though acting seems to be a pretty glamorous job, with all the bucks, popularity and million dollar cars (Agreeably more comfortable place to cry in). We all tend to forget that it indeed is a professional job and has the same amount of stress as the money actors are paid.

However, these actors got lucky enough to get some alcohol support in this stress. Whether it was to help them through a scene, to calm their nerves down or to make their jobs a tad bit more interesting. Alcohol helped some in the making of some very famous movies.

Alcohol was a true buddy as it helped newbies that were just starting out in the industry, as well as highly ranked star-studded actors, get through some tough times.

Drinking is never a smart idea at work but it certainly did work out for these actors. Whether it was Jennifer Lawrence drinking to kill time between shoots or Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, the actors of the movie Black Swan, drinking to calm their nerves before the shoot.

As rightfully Ernest Hemingway said – “I drink to make other people more interesting.”

These actors seemingly drank to make their work a little more interesting or at least bearable. Check out this highly interesting list of actors that were helped by our infamous buddy, alcohol –

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