Get 50% Off on Drinks, Now is the Chance!!!

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the food & drinks @ discounted prices #GIRF2017 by Dineout.

We have already done the hard work of calculating for you. Effectively it is will cost you less than the MRP/House Party to drink in these Pubs, Lounge & Restaurants.

Here’s the regular pricing for your reference from a Lounge near Koregaon Park, Pune.

For example, now if you buy oneBudweiser Magnum (Strong) 650ml Bottle which here costs INR 195 after 50% discount, which is itself is less than MRP. So now think of your savings on Towers / 750ml Bottle & so on; the more the merrier.

To avail this 50% Discount, you will have to get the coupon from Dineout

Or you will end up paying even less plus you will get cashback for what you pay, does it sounds good INR 175 for 1 Litre Heineken / Carlsberg??

All you have to do is download the Dineout App from the link given ontheir website.

Once you download the official Dineout App from the stores, you will see the following screens. First-time users will also get INR 250 in Dineout wallet by using the code DOPEO.

Screen 2

Screen 3

Now once your number is verified, in the next screen go to the Third Tab- “YOU”.

Once you on above page, open “Promotions & Gift Vouchers” (marked by the red box) in the bottom of the page. After you do that you will see next page.

First-time users punch the code DOPEO here & get INR 250 in Dineout Wallet, this amount can be used to pay restaurant bills as well buy coupons.

After successfully punching the code you will see this page.

In case this page doesn’t appear or you want to be extra sure, you can check the same by opening “Earnings” in YOU Tab & check earnings history as well.

Now you can start buying discount coupons to avail 50% discount that also at discounted price. For example, I tried buying two coupons of INR 50 each.

At the same time you can pay via other wallets as well, isn’t that awesome?

And now, once you have bought the coupon and you get the 100% cashback for the extra amount paid from your pocket; you can use the same to pay at the restaurant. You already had 50% Discount and now by paying from Dineout Wallet, you are going to save even more.

Special Tips (To Save More):

Ask your friends/companions to buy their own coupon so that if needed separate bills can be generated for separate reservations. And more of the cashback can be used. As only the person reserving the booking can pay from the wallet.

Please check with the restaurants or on Dineout, before buying coupons about SmartPay ability to receive payment from Dineout Wallet.

And finally, please check the T&C of the restaurant, pub or lounge on Dineout before you make your purchase.

Have fun guy’s with Great Indian Restaurant Festival 2017 by Dineout.

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