This video of Drunk Vs. Sober will definitely remind you of past days

When you are drunk, it is like you have a new personality altogether and you end up doing things you would possibly never do if you are sober. It is true that alcohol brings out a whole new you.

When you are sober at a bar meeting new people, everyone seems like a creep and you do everything in your power to avoid them. However, when drunk, you find the girl you would have judged for wearing weird clothes as the prettiest person on the entire planet, and that creepy guy seems like the perfect guy to you. Clearly, all actions seemed contradictory between Sober you and drunk you. Buzzfeed shows a whole series of events that unfolds over a night where in one you are drunk, and sober in another.

Drunk you wants to keep dancing whereas sober you would want to leave a shady bar as fast as possible.

Drunk dialling your ex has taken a hike now and you drunk dial an Uber to take you home.

Clearly being drunk at the bar seems more fun than being sober at a bar. Or is it the other way?

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