What Every Extra Drink Leads To. (A Hilarious Stand up Comedy by Kautak Srivastava)

“When you drink alcohol it relaxes you, loosens your body like your soul takes off its underwear.” – Kautak Srivastava

Kautak Srivastava, the hysterical stand-up comedian took the mic and talked about “The different stages of Drinking” and it had quite a few laughter worth moments.

He humorously talked about what every extra drink can do and each every drinker can relate to it. He explains the consequences of each extra drink in depth while making all of us nod our heads and laugh alongside him. He speaks about how the third drink brings out the “Donald Trump” in us and how the fifth drink leads to the traumatic drunken action of calling our ex up. Something almost all of us have either done or witnessed. Check out his whole stand-up comedy piece here –

Kautak hilariously educates us on how meaningless the words “I am fine” are when your head’s going around like it’s in the washing machine and laughs about how drunk people puke in the most physically impossible places to puke, like under the bed or in a printer.

Kautak has a humorous and relatable style of talking which makes not only drinkers but even non-drinkers chuckle along. With his relatable stories like dancing without motor skills and what leads to “Bhai I’ll tell you what I think” he makes us all, alcohol lovers and non-alcohol lovers, laugh while holding our bellies.

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