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List of Ideal Serving Temperature of the Most Popular Alcohols

Did you know alcohols have an optimal serving temperatures? Have you ever wondered what the perfect temperature for your favourite alcohols is? To enjoy a drink up to its optimum taste the perfect temperature is primary. If drank in the right temperature drinks taste the best. Most of us might… Read more »

Here’s why it’s impossible make certain alcohols in your country

From where and how did our favourite alcohols get their name has been quite a debate. Where an alcohol actually gets its name from or how different alcohols get their name or why is it called a particular name you might have wondered. Coming to think about it, I was… Read more »

Calories in Alcohol: Find out the calorie count of your favorite drink.

The 21st century is being ruled by dietitians, don’t you think so? Everyone around us is looking to shed a few kilos through the week with heavy workout sessions. Ever wondered what happens to us during weekends? Ever wondered how do the calories in all the calories in the alcohol add up?… Read more »

Why is the pricing of alcohol different in different states of India?

Most people who have traveled from one state to the other for job, college or any other purpose have a similar concern “Why is alcohol price different here?”.   You are lucky if your college is in Goa, Puducherry or any one of the union territories, you would have no… Read more »

What is Brandy?

Hardly we hear anybody saying that brandy is there favorite drink. Well you can’t really blame anyone! Most of people are not really aware of how exactly you should consume brandy. For all those you are not well aware or have never tasted it. Let’s start with – What is… Read more »

The Raging Debate Between Rum vs Whiskey

Have you ever taken a moment and wondered what is the difference between your two favorite bottled spirits? What is the exact difference between rum and whiskey? Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. While most consumers have their preference including the brand when it comes to alcohol, curiosity… Read more »

You need to learn from this Russian Girl how to drink Vodka!!

This Russian girl will show you how to drink Vodka the Russian way. Just before you try this, call the Ambulance. Probably you may need it… Hahaha 😉

“Sharaab peena boori aadat hain”… Alcohol – The First Encounter ;-)

So you have decided to take the plunge over to the dark side, I presume. Ignoring the oft repeated homily of “Sharaab peena boori aadat hain”, it is time to decide for yourself. What is all the hoopla about? Read on to find out more about this significant first #Encounter… Read more »

5 Weird Party Cultures Around the World

Drinking is not just a word but indeed a culture loved and fascinated all over the world. Every place on the map has its own squally way to drink and to get happy or to drink and to ditch moments of melancholy. From the phenomenal incantation of wine and cheese… Read more »

5 different Cocktails that resemble 5 different Personalities, See Yours

Whether it is at office amongst colleagues or just at a blind date you caught up on last minute, you are giving away certain vibes inadvertently about yourself. It is quite fascinating to take a quick glance at what really a cocktail of your choice can say about what kind… Read more »

Innovative Party Themes For Your Next House Party

In today’s hectic and expensive environment quite a few folks prefer to throw house parties. And we are sure that you would like to make something special for your next house party that neither you nor your friends would like to forget. However, you wouldn’t want to organize just a… Read more »

Hilarious Things People do when High

Why does alcohol do this? Scientifically, there are multiple explanations for this. Alcohol chemically alters the functioning of your brain, thereby basically changing you. While light, social drinking ensures these anecdotes stay fun, compulsive drinking is completely another story that AA can explain better. However, let us stick to the… Read more »

Top 10 Ways to Get Over a Hangover

Feel like a Linkin Park concert’s gone ballistic in your head, do you? Congratulations on the hangover! You obviously had a fantastic time last night even though you may have trouble remembering. But today is another day. So do you groan to get over the sensation of having swallowed the… Read more »

Find your ideal drink: An guide to finding the perfect drink for yourself.

It’s a tricky game – finding the drink that doesn’t merely suit your tastes, but also your body. It takes experience and tact to notice the side effects – good and bad. But, with a little bit of insight on what you’re drinking, there’s hope for the beginners after all…. Read more »

9 Essential Items for Your House Bar

Before you decide to spend a fortune on simply purchasing an impressive array of bottles that you might use sparingly, you should also consider possessing the essential tools that will allow you to make a variety of awesome cocktails and present yourself as a master barman at your own home…. Read more »