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Harry Potter + Alcohol. ‘Nuff Said.

A flawless Harry Potter marathon with friends, food and alcohol, is all but a dream. Because in reality, after a few hours, it gets pretty boring. Well, things are about to change because here’s a deal that will make everyone pay attention and get wasted: HARRY POTTER DRINKING GAME! There… Read more »

The Perks of Drinking Irresponsibly

A pleasant morning is that where your head roars and pounds as soon as you open those pretty, puffy eyes. After all, that is the only way of knowing that the night was awesome. A night, as a matter of fact, which you barely remember. This is what makes all… Read more »

Quick Guide To Avoid Hangovers

We, as a generation, never pay any attention to warnings; especially when the warnings are against our partying habits. We agree with these warnings and even go as far as considering them, but ultimately, a good party is all we really want. Unfortunately, a great party usually involves getting hammered… Read more »

Reddit’s Crazy Drunk Stories

Now we all know that alcohol should be consumed responsibly or you can be in for a real crap storm. But in case you are sceptical about this belief, here are a bunch of Reddit’s CRAZIEST drunk stories. Maybe these will teach you a lesson and keep you from drinking… Read more »

Why Alcoholics Are So Helplessly Addicted To Alcohol

Alcohol breeds around us, regardless of whether you drink or not. It has become a part of what we see, understand, accept, and relate to. From a shoulder to cry on to a medium to celebrate, alcohol promises to provide and care for you, to the best of its abilities…. Read more »

Drinking Games that Roll the Fun or Ice Breakers at House Parties

Once you have arranged the hottest booze of the night, dressed up cool and comfortable, dimmed the lights and dished an array of piping hot starters and cheesy crackers as well and now it’s time to say a hello! Yes, being a good host starts not only with making your… Read more »

Whiskey Loving – All about the malted beauty!

You have had an excruciatingly long day, and all you want to do is kick back with a glass of something fuzzy and strong. You get back home and realize that a glass of beer just won’t do. In a flash, an idea strikes. You need that warm, rugged hug… Read more »

The Science of Alcohol: How it Works on your Body?

Contents For many people across the world, alcohol is the preferred choice of relaxing and having a good time. It works wonders and yes, sometimes it isn’t the best feeling to wake up to. But have you ever wondered exactly how a mere liquid can make your mind take a… Read more »

The Art of Fine Wine: How it’s done.

According to Wikipedia, wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made from fermented grapes. However, according to us i.e. wine-lovers, it is nectar from Olympus itself. A wine-tasting experience is special for everyone because, each one of us is as distinctive individuals, have our own preference of aromas and flavours…. Read more »

Which Drink Would Be Your Mr/Ms Perfect?

Alcohol is more than just fluid. It’s a companion in loneliness, a friend in despair, a shoulder to lean on and is much cheaper than a therapist. It’s everything your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t- a good listener, understanding and faithful. Don’t you sometimes wish that your favourite drink would be your partner?… Read more »

8 Drinking Cultures around the World

Work done, a target is achieved, new deal or a first meeting – “Let’s go for a drink” is the most common icebreaker across the world. But try saying this in Saudi and you are sure to be greeted with glares or worse a severe punishment. Or pour wine while… Read more »

Ma’am, can I get you a drink on the #rock of morality?

Setting: Barbeque Nation, an office team party is in progress with a female manager at the table Scene: The waiter walks up to the noisy table to take the order for drinks. Suddenly, one associate slyly says to the manager (whom they’re petrified of from 9 to 6) “Have just… Read more »

My Drunken Kitchen – When Booze wants to be a part of Cooking

Alcohol has gradually become an integral part of young urban life. A part of the fine dining experience, an elaborate meal is considered incomplete without a glass of wine or champagne to go with it. Whether it’s for a quiet evening with your loved ones or a social gathering at… Read more »

Hey Barkeep, What’s New?

Mixed drinks are a boon to mankind. For those casual evenings, where just a light buzz of alcohol is enough to set the ball rolling, tails work their magic with their myriad of flavours and colours. Take a peek at some of the long-forgotten cocktails and have a blast whipping… Read more »

Where did Alcohol Originate? What does Science say?

Alcohol – The bad guy, the beloved devil that tempts, the elegant companion for delectable meals, the influence that pervades under the cover of disapproval – so many names for just one little guy. So where did this love-hate relationship start? Was it always this villain-but-daredevil frenemy? Alcohol in a… Read more »