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This video of Drunk Vs. Sober will definitely remind you of past days

This video of Drunk Vs. Sober will definitely remind you of past days

When you are drunk, it is like you have a new personality altogether and you end up doing things you would possibly never do if you are sober. It is true that alcohol brings out a whole new you. When you are sober at a bar meeting new people, everyone… Read more »

Are you still believing these alcohol myths? Burst out of them.

Since no one ever actually taught us about alcohol, we all tend to believe everything and anything we are told when it comes to drinking and alcohol, especially about hangovers. God, what have we not tried to avoid them? However, all that information we are even given often ends up… Read more »

What happens when foreigners try our Desi Daaru?

A daaru taste test. Why didn’t they just call us for this? Ah, our desi daarus. For those that don’t know what exactly desi daaru is, they are a typically Indian liquor made by a process that has been passed down for centuries. They are a very popular alcoholic beverage… Read more »

Why we Love Desi Bars – A Video by Being Indian

There are two sides to a coin. Similarly, there are two sides to drinking alcohol as well. While everyone loves going to expensive pubs and bars but sometimes desi bars have an original charm that acts as an escape from your everyday problems. Here’s a new video by Being Indian… Read more »

Drinking in Your 20’s versus Drinking in Your 30’s

While age may be just a number but you realise the hard hitting fact of your age when it comes to drinking. There are soon significant differences between drinking in your 20’s and 30’s, and we present you another hilarious version of drinking. Pregaming in your 30’s involves having a… Read more »

15 Facts about Alcohol that will blow your mind

Alcohol works wonders on the body and mind, but there are a few things about alcohol that no one tells you about… Aside from being used as both, a beverage and a surgery aid, there are hundreds of other fascinating facts about the history and usage of alcohol. Here are… Read more »

The Fall and Rise of the Green Fairy

Absinthe is a highly alcoholic drink that started gaining popularity in the 18th century among the French. After being banned in the United States for almost 100 years, absinthe has somehow managed to enter the bar scene again. The infamous absinthe with multiple nicknames- the green fairy being the most… Read more »

Hot, Sweet, Sour or Bitter? The Right Drink for Each Taste Bud!

Remember how we mentioned that alcohol is an acquired taste? No one ever drinks it because it is yummy. But eventually, with experimentation and experience, you find what tickles your taste buds and makes your heart and head sing (the obvious effects of alcohol). ‘Ladies like sweeter drinks and men… Read more »

Pairing Alcoholic Beverages with Indian Food

Pairing Indian food and alcohol is quite a work of jugglery. Since on one side, in India, the objective of consuming alcohol is to get high rather than appreciation of a drink. And on the other hand, Indian food is known for its curries, mixing and a melting pot of… Read more »

Jell-O Shots to Kill the Heat This Summer

We live in a tropical country where summer lasts for almost 8 months and the remaining 4 are taken up by either rains or winters. So, pretty much everyone enjoys the winter while it lasts. Especially when you live near the equator, the sun is not exactly a pal. The… Read more »