Calories in Alcohol: Find out the calorie count of your favorite drink.

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5 different Cocktails that resemble 5 different Personalities, See Yours

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Find your ideal drink: An guide to finding the perfect drink for yourself.

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9 Essential Items for Your House Bar

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Which Drink Would Be Your Mr/Ms Perfect?

Alcohol is more than just fluid. It’s a companion in loneliness, a friend in despair, a shoulder to lean on and is much cheaper than a therapist. It’s everything your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t- a good listener, understanding and faithful. Don’t you sometimes wish that your favourite drink would be your partner?… Read more »

Hey Barkeep, What’s New?

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How Indian Drinking Culture is Different From Western Countries

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Eight Places in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune Where You Get the Best Drinks at the Best Rates

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Jell-O Shots to Kill the Heat This Summer

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