Drinking Cultures

List of Ideal Serving Temperature of the Most Popular Alcohols

Did you know alcohols have an optimal serving temperatures? Have you ever wondered what the perfect temperature for your favourite alcohols is? To enjoy a drink up to its optimum taste the perfect temperature is primary. If drank in the right temperature drinks taste the best. Most of us might… Read more »

Here’s why it’s impossible make certain alcohols in your country

From where and how did our favourite alcohols get their name has been quite a debate. Where an alcohol actually gets its name from or how different alcohols get their name or why is it called a particular name you might have wondered. Coming to think about it, I was… Read more »

8 Drinking Cultures around the World

Work done, a target is achieved, new deal or a first meeting – “Let’s go for a drink” is the most common icebreaker across the world. But try saying this in Saudi and you are sure to be greeted with glares or worse a severe punishment. Or pour wine while… Read more »

How Indian Drinking Culture is Different From Western Countries

Indians are unique in most of the aspects and why should they be an exception to their drinking culture. Indians enjoy consuming alcohol and getting high, unlike western nations where it is a part of the culture or socialising. In India, usually alcohol consumption, whether recreational or habitual is considered… Read more »