5 different Cocktails that resemble 5 different Personalities, See Yours

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9 Essential Items for Your House Bar

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The Perks of Drinking Irresponsibly

A pleasant morning is that where your head roars and pounds as soon as you open those pretty, puffy eyes. After all, that is the only way of knowing that the night was awesome. A night, as a matter of fact, which you barely remember. This is what makes all… Read more »

Drinking Games that Roll the Fun or Ice Breakers at House Parties

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Whiskey Loving – All about the malted beauty!

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Everything you need to know about Bier Yoga (Beer Yoga)

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How Indian Drinking Culture is Different From Western Countries

Indians are unique in most of the aspects and why should they be an exception to their drinking culture. Indians enjoy consuming alcohol and getting high, unlike western nations where it is a part of the culture or socialising. In India, usually alcohol consumption, whether recreational or habitual is considered… Read more »

Do you know why House Parties Always Work??

Two words that can lift your spirits. Two words that have so many crazy connotations to it, it’s ridiculous. HOUSE PARTY. Yes! An experience filled with great music, comfort and a butt load of alcohol is the definition of a house party. After all, good times, good music and good… Read more »

The Fall and Rise of the Green Fairy

Absinthe is a highly alcoholic drink that started gaining popularity in the 18th century among the French. After being banned in the United States for almost 100 years, absinthe has somehow managed to enter the bar scene again. The infamous absinthe with multiple nicknames- the green fairy being the most… Read more »

Pairing Alcoholic Beverages with Indian Food

Pairing Indian food and alcohol is quite a work of jugglery. Since on one side, in India, the objective of consuming alcohol is to get high rather than appreciation of a drink. And on the other hand, Indian food is known for its curries, mixing and a melting pot of… Read more »