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List of Ideal Serving Temperature of the Most Popular Alcohols

Did you know alcohols have an optimal serving temperatures? Have you ever wondered what the perfect temperature for your favourite alcohols is? To enjoy a drink up to its optimum taste the perfect temperature is primary. If drank in the right temperature drinks taste the best. Most of us might… Read more »

Calories in Alcohol: Find out the calorie count of your favorite drink.

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Hey Barkeep, What’s New?

Mixed drinks are a boon to mankind. For those casual evenings, where just a light buzz of alcohol is enough to set the ball rolling, tails work their magic with their myriad of flavours and colours. Take a peek at some of the long-forgotten cocktails and have a blast whipping… Read more »

10 Unconventional Uses of Alcohol

Alcohol can be useful in many ways. From chrome polishers and window cleaners to cold remedies and pain relief balms here are 10 Unconventional Uses for Alcohol. Booze may not be one of the top ten ‘Healthiest Drinks’ but alcohol in all of its common forms actually has some unexpected… Read more »